Today, Scott Wagner voted against legislation that provides funding for unemployment call centers. Wagner voted no on SB 250, despite previously promising to help fund these centers that unemployed workers across Pennsylvania rely on.  

 “Scott Wagner broke his promise to vote for $15 million for unemployment call centers, once again trying to hurt working Pennsylvanians who rely on these centers to receive the benefits they need to provide for their families,” said Beth Melena, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Scott Wagner is just a typical Harrisburg politician who says one thing to your face and does the exact opposite once you turn your back.”


Vote on SB 250: Wagner votes nay. [SB 250, 4/19/17]

WAGNER: “If the governor wants to ask for 15 million in funding to pay wages, I’d be happy to consider that and I would probably vote on it, but I’m not voting on 60 million.” [Wagner breaks his promise to UC workers, 4/18/17; Original video recorded 1/24/17]